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Below are some sketches to show you some of the possible variations available for centre roof consoles.


A piece of "one wrap" hook and loop tape is supplied with each roof console (one retainer for each radio) to prevent your microphone curly cord from dangling and blocking your view. Simply screw this retainer onto the console in a suitable position between the radio and the microphone clip, then wrap the tape around the curly cord. If you need the full length of the curly cord, the "one wrap" tape is easy to release and re-attach.

Low Profile Centre Roof Consoles from $390

Features include:

· Vehicle specific and custom built - nobody else does that!
· Upholstered in a padded vinyl, velour or vacuum formed finish to match the vehicles interior.
· Robust - manufactured from steel and hardwood plywood. Suitably durable for "off road" driving - NO PLASTIC.
· Designed for maximum headroom.
· Fitted without drilling any holes, by utilising existing screw holes.
· Designed so the radio curly cords are out of view.
· All consoles built in weekly batches.
· Professional fitting service available.

Your centre roof console will be designed to suit your specific model vehicle. It will neatly follow the contours of your hoodlining and will be the ideal width to suit the distance between your sunvisors. The length of the console takes into account the mounting system for the console, the shape of the cabin and when applicable, headroom for the rear seat passengers. When calculating the depth of the console we allow for maximum headroom and a clear view for the rear vision mirror. As no two model vehicles are the same our "vehicle specific" consoles are the best available.

In addition to being "vehicle specific" we also "custom build" each console to suit your requirements - nobody else does that! We adjust the shape of the base of the console to suit your radio(s) storage or lighting requirements. When custom building your console we can build a slim line console for maximum headroom or a deeper console for maximum storage. We can make the console's radio housing(s) as small as your radio(s) will allow providing more headroom and moving your radio(s) closer to the windscreen for better access. Another advantage of this versatility of design, most modern radios have a LCD (liquid crystal display) screens. It is easier to read the LCD when you are looking square onto the screen. Whenever possible, we change the angle on the console's facia panel to suit the radio being fitted.