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Full Length Centre Floor Console

Available for all transmission types, cloumn shift, manual floor shift, and automatic floor shift. Suitable for bucket seats only. This design supplies as much flat facia as possible. It comes complete with a storage bin and a hinged lid that forms a padded armrest. The storage bin is upholstered on the inside and includes a removable lining that is held in place by Velcro tape. This console is also available for vehicles with a handbrake between the bucket seats. The T-bar auto consoles are designed to house the genuine selector cover plate. The selector cover plate is not supplied with the console.

Full Length Centre Floor Console from $665

The inside of the storage bin is fully lined and comes complete with a removeable velcro mounted vinyl bag. The lid/armrest is attached to a heavy duty steel hinge and is held in the open position by a black webbing retaining strap.