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Across Windscreen Full Facia Roof Console

This console mounts across the vehicle above the windscreen. This design of console is only available for vehicles with vertical or near vertical windscreens which provide adequate headroom when the console is fitted. The facia panel which fits neatly to the roof, provides a strong support and will not vibrate when heavy radios are fitted. The full facia across screen console is designed to seal off the radio(s) and/or storage area(s), keeping out most of the red dust. All Storage/Access Openings (S.A.O) come complete with an elasticised vinyl flap. This vinyl flap keeps most of the red dust out of the storage area and also keeps any stored items in place. The facia layout is optional, the Storage/Access Opening(s) and radio(s) can be positioned to suit your requirements.

Across Windscreen Full Facia Roof Console from $390