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(Also available - fridge slides can be integrated into a drawer
system, for examples and prices go to Cargo Storage Drawers)

Manufactured from marine bonded plywood and steel runners, finished in a grey industrial carpet. Each fridge slide is made as small as possible to maximise storage space in the cargo area. Our fridge slides are guaranteed not to rattle. There are two types of custom built fridge slides available:

Fridge Specific

Custom built to suit the size of the customer's fridge. We have the dimensions of most model fridges.
* Price: $475

Fridge Specific and Vehicle Specific

Custom built to suit the customer's fridge and to suit the captive nuts in the cargo floor of the customer's vehicle. This fridge slide is designed to be mounted at floor level without drilling holes and to allow clearance for the fridge to slide without obstruction.
* Price: $555

* Price includes a kit to fit the fridge to the slide
* Prices are for a slide extension of up to 860mm. Over 860mm P.O.A.

Fridge specific and vehicle specific fridge slide
Designed to suit a Waeco 80 litre fridge and fitted to a Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series utilising the cargo seat captive nuts.

Fridge specific fridge slide
Fitted on top of a false floor in a Mitsubishi NM-NP Pajero.