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  • Designed individually for each model, neatly following the contours of the vehicle. We have patterns for most vehicles for full and half drawer systems or we can custom build a drawer system to your specifications.
  • Heavy duty - suitably durable for tradesmen and for off road driving.
  • Constructed from marine bonded plywood reinforced with steel bracing. All components are either screwed and glued, bolted or riveted.
  • The drawer rollers are rated at 200 kg evenly distributed (each drawer).
  • Stainless steel, lockable (keyed alike), flush mounted "T" latches.
  • Designed to keep the red dust out.
  • Easy to install
  • Securely anchored - in most cases, fitted by utilising genuine captive nuts, no holes to drill.
  • Guaranteed not to rattle.
  • Finished in an industrial carpet.
  • Designed to allow enough space to fit a full cargo barrier. (if required)
  • Half drawer systems available to allow the use of one of the third row (cargo) passenger seats, or for mounting a fridge slide at floor level.
  • Comes complete with two pull out panels to take advantage of the storage space next to the wheel arches. These pull out panels also allow full access to all the removable panels in the genuine trim (for jack storage etc.)
  • Efficient use of space - our cargo drawers are designed individually for each model. The drawers are made as wide as possible, the drawer roller assemblies as compact as possible and the space behind the wheel arches is utilised for storage. All aspects of the design have been calculated for the optimum use of space in the cargo area.
  • Optional built in fridge slide (rated at 100 kg). The fridge slide can be locked in place, providing security for the contents of the drawer underneath.
  • The fridge slide and the drawer underneath can be locked together. The two combined can be rolled in and out providing a load capacity of 300 kg (evenly distributed).
  • Optional heavy duty "tie downs".
  • Optional drawer partitions.
  • Optional bed extension.
  • Optional "lift off " table - sits on top of an open drawer. Constructed from 19mm food contact grade polyethylene plastic.
  • 3 year warranty

This photo of a Prado drawer system shows how our drawers are designed to neatly follow the contours of the vehicle. It also shows a "pull out panel" to allow access to the storage space behind the wheel arch. "Pull out panels" also allow access to the removable trim panels (for jack storage etc.)

Photo: Nissan GU Patrol bed extension.
Our bed extensions can be built to suit a vehicle with the middle row seats in (folded up) or a longer bed extension can be built to suit a vehicle with the middle row seats removed. Bed extensions can be installed or removed without removing the drawer system. All bed extensions are attached to the front of the drawer system with four removable brackets. They are also attached to the vehicle by utilising two of the middle row seat captive nuts.

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Our storage drawers have been designed to be as strong and as light as possible. This is achieved by constructing the drawers from marine bonded plywood then re-enforcing any areas that are highly stressed with steel components. Some parts are glued screwed and braced, other parts are riveted or bolted together.
If anyone tries to tell you that steel drawers are stronger than our plywood/steel drawers just show them these photographs !

Each Drawer has a load capacity of 200 Kg. The combined weight of these two men is 170 Kg.

The fridge slide is rated at 100 Kg. Each drawer is rated at 200 Kg. The fridge slide and the drawer underneath can be locked together. The two combined have a load capacity of 300 Kg. The combined weight of these three men is 250 Kg.