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Why buy our drawers?
  • Stronger & Lighter  
  • Best Fit
  • Best Finish
  • Best Features
  • Best Value for Money
  • Manufactured in
  • Easier to Install and Remove
  • If required - custom built to your specifications
  • Shortest Lead Time
  • 3 Year Warranty

Our cargo storage drawers combine the advantages of having the fit and finish of the original equipment with the strength and durability required for off road driving. We can build you a vehicle specific drawer system to our standard design with two drawers side by side under a false floor, or we can custom build almost any configuration to your specifications.

For the tradesmen, we can install a drawer system that will save you time and money by organising the tools and gear in your ute, van or 4WD. Other benefits for tradesmen include:

  • Less chance of theft by keeping your tools and valuables out of sight in locked drawers.
  • Improved safety by securing your load.
  • Reduced chance of lifting injuries with better access to heavy items.
  • Custom designs - including 400kg load capacity per drawer or a slide out top to form a work bench.

Nissan GU Patrol fitted with our standard "side by side" two drawer system with a built in fridge slide on the driver's side.

Nissan GU Patrol custom made "double stacked" drawer system designed to suit the customer's fridge.

Nissan GU Patrol 300mm high single drawer and floor mounted fridge slide

Toyota Prado Grande half drawer system (with fridge slide) designed to allow room for one of the third row seats.

Nissan GQ Patrol false floor.

Toyota Hi Ace Van "side by side" two drawer system with two built in fridge slides. Tradesmans drawer system covered in lino.

A commercial van with a drawer system designed to fit between the wheel arches. The customer specified the height and length.

A commercial van with a drawer system designed so the drawers slide out through the side door opening.

A commerical van fitted with a drawer system at wheel arch height. The false floor extends over the wheel arches neatly following the contours of the vehicle. Lift out panels provide access to the storage space next to the wheel arches.

Drawer system fitted to a utility tray

RA Rodeo Dual Cab open drawer system
Toyota Hilux Dual cab 2005 & on side by side drawer system featuring two fridge slides. Each drawer is fitted with a staged latching system. The staged latching system prevents a drawer from rolling open or closed, giving the operator control by turning the "L" handle.Toyota Hilux Dual cab 2005 & on single drawer system with fridge slide (300mm high).
Nissan Navara D40 with a side by side drawer system on the bottom and an open drawer system on the top.
Holden Crewman one large drawer (550mm high).
Toyota Hilux 2005 on dual cab open drawer system with removable false floor.
The drawer can be locked in the open position to provide storage for long items.



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