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This console has a contoured shape so that it fits neatly onto the vehicle's seats. The seat belt holds the console in place. It is most often fitted on the front centre seat in vehicles fitted with a 3/4 bench seat. When fitted on the centre seat it provides the driver with an armrest and easy access to the storage bin, (see also "seat storage console" for a larger seat mounted console/desk that has a moulded lid to accomodate drinking vessels, laptops etc).

Seat Mounted Console $415 plus options and accessories

Points of interest:

  • Comes complete with a storage bin and a hinged lid that forms a padded armrest.
  • Optional driver's side and/or passenger's side map pockets. Click here for more information.
  • Securely mounted on the seat. The console has a tongue protruding from the base at the back. This tongue slides between the seat base and the seat backrest. The seatbelt holds the console in place. Fitting instructions are included.
  • Robust construction - heavy duty frame and and hinge.
  • Upholstered in a padded vinyl finish, available in a large range of colours. The most popular - chocolate brown, dark grey, and tan. The inside of the compartment is carpet lined.
  • We manufacture our consoles in weekly batches. If we receive an order by Monday 5:30pm Sydney time your console will be dispatched on the following Friday. The dispatch date can vary if there is a public holiday.

Fitting Instructions:

Place the console on the preferred seat. position the tongue in the gap between the seat backrest and the seat base. Push the console towards the backrest until it is a neat fit on the seat. If your seat has an adjustable backrest, you may need to adjust the backrest to suit the shape of the console. The console has a concave shape at the front to accept the vehicle's seat belt. Place the seat belt around the console, engage the buckle then adjust the belt so that it is as tight as possible.

Information required when ordering:

1) Which vinyl colour you would like your seat console upholstered in. Most of our customer's prefer to match the seat in either chocolate brown, tan, or dark grey.

2) Do you require a map pocket(s) fitted to the side of your seat console. If so do you want a driver's side map pocket or a passenger's side map pocket or both?