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Introduction. This console can be fitted to the vehicle without drilling any holes. It is fitted by utilising the sun visor mounting screws, the grab handle captive nuts and one of the bolts above the rear window.

Step 1. Remove the console fitting kit from inside the console

Step 2. Unscrew one side of each sunvisor - the side closest to the rear view mirror.

Step 3. Remove the front threaded screw that holds the passenger's side grab handle onto the vehicle.

Step 4. Remove the front Christmas tree plug that covers the front captive nut for a driver's side grab handle.

Step 5. Remove the bolt in the centre of the roof above the rear window

Step 6. Without attaching the sunvisor feet. Place the console in position and replace the sunvisor screws back into the vehicle to bend the consoles front mounting brackets into the correct shape.

Before fitting the console take note of the positions of the sunvisor's foot locating pin hole and screw hole. Be careful not to fit the screw into the locating pin hole.

Step 7. Remove the sunvisor screws and the console.

Step 8. Install the wiring for the radio(s) or accessories.

Step 9. Install your radio(s) or accessories into the console - see "instructions for fitting a radio or accessories into the console".

Step 10. Secure the console on the driver's side by fitting the threaded screw with the snap cap washer. Secure the console on the passenger's side by re-attaching the grab handle using the remaining threaded screw in the fitting kit. Lift the front of the console into position and secure it by replacing the sun visor mounting feet. Secure the console at the back by refitting the bolt above the rear window.

Step 11. Place the snap cap over the head of the driver's side threaded screw.