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Fitting Instructions:

The "L" tray has two steel mounting brackets, one on each side of the tray. It comes complete with a fitting kit that contains two self tapping screws and three snap caps (one spare cap). The tray is fitted to the vehicle by drilling two holes into the vehicles floorpan in line with the holes in the two mounting brackets. The self tapping screws are then fitted inside these holes. The snap caps cover the heads of the self tapping screws. The mounting brackets and the snap cap match the colour of the "L" tray.

Information required when ordering:

Please note: This information is extremely important for us to be able to quickly complete your order.

1) Which vinyl colour you would like your "L" tray upholstered in? Most of our customers prefer to match the colour of the floor coverings which are either chocolate brown, tan, or dark grey.

2) There are two different positions for the gear lever, so there are two different shaped "L" trays. To supply the correct console, we need to know the distance from the back edge of the rubber gear lever boot to the embossed pattern in the rubber floor mat (see arrow on picture below)

Is this measurement approximately 80-85mm or is the measurement 20-25mm?

3) Are there any modifications to the vehicle that could prevent the console from fitting correctly? If yes, then please supply the complete details. We will contact you if the modifications will cause any problems.