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Dashboard Pods from $290
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Photo A - Number 1 pod, reduced height

Photo B - Number 1 pod, standard height

Photo C - Number 2 pod, standard height

Photo D - Number 3 pod, standard height

Photo E - Number 3 pod, reduced height

Photo F - Number 3 pod, reduced height

Points of interest:

Fitting Instructions:

Step 1. Remove the console fitting kit from inside the console.
Step 2. Place the pod on the dashboard sitting as close to the instrument binnacle as the mounting bracket will allow. The mounting brackets should be sitting on the metal part of the dashboard in front of the crash pad. If positioned
correctly, the pod will follow the contours of the dashboard and will allow enough space for the passenger's quarter
window to demist and operate effectively.
Step 3. Using a marker pen or pencil, trace onto the dashboard the shape of the hole on the inside of the mounting bracket.
Step 4. Drill two 9/64" holes in the dashboard on the extreme
outside edge of the marks you have made on the dashboard.
- the holes should be positioned as close to the outside of the
mounting brackets as possible to allow enough space for the
screw head and snap caps. (If the pod is removed at a later date, the screws and snap caps provided in the "console fitting kit" can be used to cover these holes).
Step 5. Fit your radio(s) and accessories to the pod - see the "instructions on installing a radio into a console" and the "radio fitting kit" supplied with the console.
Step 6. How to run your wiring or antenna leads to the pod:


- for vehicles with a genuine pod fitted when the vehicle was manufactured.
All wiring can be run through the hole in the dash board for the genuine pod's wiring loom. The power and earth wires for the genuine pod can also be utilised for your radio(s) or accessories.


- for vehicles that did not have a genuine pod fitted when manufactured.
There is no need to drill a hole through the dashboard to run your wiring or antenna leads. Wiring can be fed through the gaps at either end of the dashboard. Or, for a neater appearance the wiring can be positioned between the plastic demister vent and the hole in the dashboard for the demister vent. You will need to cut a notch out of the front of the pod (the windscreen side of the pod) for your wiring, to allow the pod to sit flush with the dashboard.

Step 7. Connect the wiring to your radio(s) and accessories. Coil up any excess wiring inside the pod. Place the pod onto the dashboard ensuring that the mounting brackets line up with the holes that you have drilled.
Step 8. Open the "console fitting kit". Place the snap cap washers under the heads of each self tapping screw.
Step 9. Screw both mounting brackets onto the dashboard. Press the snap caps onto the snap cap washers for a neat appearance.

Information required when ordering:

Please note: This information is extremely important for us to be able to quickly complete your order.

1) Are there any modifications to the vehicle that could prevent the console from fitting correctly? If yes please supply the complete details. We will contact you if the modifications will cause any problems.

2) Which pod design do you require (see photos above). Please ensure that you select the correct choice.

Number 1 pod, standard height  Cost - $290
Number 1 pod, reduced height   Cost - $290
Number 2 pod, standard height  Cost - $290
Number 2 pod, reduced height   Cost - $290
Number 3 pod, standard height  Cost - $330
Number 3 pod, reduced height   Cost - $330

3) Which vinyl colour would you like your pod upholstered in. Most of our customers prefer to match the colour of the dashboard which is either chocolate brown, tan or dark grey.

4) Which options or accessories (if any) do you require in the console? Please provide a sketch of the console indicating the type and position of each option or accessory required. We have information on the measurements, etc. for most radios, please tell us the brand and model of your radio(s) and we will contact you if we need any other information. Please email your sketch or fax it to the number below. If this is not possible, please phone us with the details.

Phone number - (00) (61) 2 95467914
Fax number - (00) (61) 2 95462469
Email - Click here