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Points of interest:

  • This compartment will only fit a vehicle with two bucket seats.
  • There are two types available. A "standard" compartment and an "armrest height" compartment (both the same price).
  • The versatile flat facia panel can house radio(s), can holders etc, a shallow tray or a deep pocket (the deep pocket can be used for storing a street directory).
  • Available in a large range of colours. The most popular - dark grey, chocolate brown, and tan.
  • Comes complete with a storage bin and a hinged padded lid. The storage bin is upholstered on the inside and includes a removable lining that is held in place by velcro tape.
  • Designed to neatly fit the floorpan.
  • This console is recessed on the driver's side to fit around the handbrake.
  • Robust construction - strong enough to sit on. Manufactured from steel and hardwood plywood - NO PLASTIC.
  • Installation is quick and easy, fitting instructions and a fitting kit are included.
  • We manufacture our consoles in weekly batches. If we receive an order by Monday 5:30pm Sydney time your console will be dispatched on the following Friday. The dispatch date can vary if there is a public holiday.

Fitting Instructions:

1) Remove the velcro mounted lining

2) Sit the compartment in position, so that the base of the console is a perfect fit, following the contours of the floor pan. Centre the compartment between the seats.

3) Drill two 9/64" diameter holes into the floorpan in line with the outside hole in each of the two angle brackets attched to the inside of the console.

4) Attach the console to the floor using the two 25mm self tapping screws supplied in the fitting kit.

Information required when ordering:

1) Which type of compartment do you prefer, the standard or the armrest height?

2) What type or brand of bucket seats are fitted to the vehicle?

3) What is the distance between the seats behind the handbrake (at the closest point)?

4) Do the seats have tilt dials and/or armrests between the seats?

5) Apart from the bucket seats, are there any modifications to the vehicle that could prevent the console fitting correctly? If yes, please email/phone us with the complete details. We will contact you if the modifications will cause any problems.

6) Any options/accessories required in the facia panel.

7) Which vinyl colour would you like your compartment upholstered in. Most of our customers prefer to match the colour of the floor covering or the original seats which were either chocolate brown, tan, or dark grey.