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The following information is specifically for the Ford Ranger PX Model Double Cab. See Storage Drawers for Cargo Areas for detailed information. See features, optional extras, and how our drawers are constructed so that they are stronger and lighter.

Why buy our drawers?



This custom drawer system required space for an additional battery. The integrated battery box has been designed under the false floor. The passenger's side drawer has been shortened to allow sufficient room behind the cabin to accomodate a battery and battery tray.




These five photos show a custom drawer system built to suit the Ford PX Ranger Dual Cab. This system is a double stacked system, with two deep drawers on the bottom level and an open drawer on top. The bottom drawers are also fitted with staged latching, and the drivers side drawer has a removable lift-off table providing a work surface. The height of the sides on the open drawer were minimised to allow easier access through the canopy windows. As pictured, this set-up is worth $4,960 incl. GST.

Points of Interest:

  • Our storage drawers have been designed to be as strong and as light as possible. This is achieved by constructing the drawers from marine bonded plywood then re-enforcing any areas that are highly stressed with steel components. Some parts are glued screwed and braced, other parts are riveted or bolted together. Click here for more information on the construction.
  • Designed individually to suit the Ranger, neatly following the contours of the vehicle. Our drawers are designed to utilise all the space available.
  • Our drawer systems are not designed to be continually exposed to the weather, they should only be fitted to a utility with a canopy or some permanent cover fitted.
  • Four holes must be drilled through the tray to fit this drawer system.
  • We have a drawer system designed to suit a Ranger with or without a tray liner.

Full drawer system (two drawers "side by side") $2300 + options, half drawer system (one drawer) $1150 + options.
The internal dimensions for each drawer with tray liner are: 1309mm (L) 462mm (W) 200mm (H) (These measurements are for our standard size drawer system. The height of each drawer can be changed to suit the customer)
The internal dimensions for each drawer without tray liner are: 1372mm (L) 463mm (W) 197mm (H) (These measurements are for our standard size drawer system. The height of each drawer can be changed to suit the customer)

Open drawer system (as shown in the photos above) $1870 + options,